Personalized Birthday Favors for Kids and Adults

If you are planning to do something unique, personalized birthday favors are the ones that can do the trick for you. You won’t have to crack your brains much to find the personalized birthday favors, as the Internet pampers you with wide range of options. The whole idea behind the personalized gifts is to make the guests feel special and help them cherish the special moments all through their life. Make sure to make prior plans before your guests arrive to ensure complete success of your party.


Personalized birthday favors can be the ideal choice for adults as well as children. You need to keep in mind the party theme, before finalizing your choice of favor. You have plenty of options to choose from and the wide variety of choices can often leave you confused. If it is a kid’s birthday celebration, hair bands, gummy fruit snacks, pretty erasers, bouncy balls, snakes, small rubber spiders, plastic jeweler, decorated pencils can be marvelous birthday favor options. If it is a birthday celebration for the elders, photo frames, candles, key rings, toilet kits can be some options you can think of. However, if you can invest little bit of your time, you can come up with bright ideas, creativity and inventiveness. Your efforts will surely be appreciated by all present in the party. To add a personalized touch, you can inscribe a special message on the favors.

Birthday favors aim at making the party more exclusive and elegant as well. If you can bring out the creativity and imaginative skills within you, you need not spend much on the favors. Look for something that will have some practical value and your guests will be pleased upon receiving.

Since it is not definitive how much you should spend on birthday favors, it is imperative that you plan a budget and go about it accordingly. You must be reasonable while spending and ensure that you are not putting too much of financial burden on yourself. Keeping in mind your budget and taste of your guests will help you shortlist the probable options as birthday favors.

Hardly anyone shall feel dejected upon receiving personalized birthday favors. It is a good way to thank all those who have attended your birthday party and enjoyed being a part of the celebration. To make the favors look attractive, you can wrap them in gift-wraps and colored ribbons and offer a distinguished feel. Offering gifts is an age-old tradition that is continuing even today.

So, if you are planning a birthday party soon, make sure to look through the resources online to find some of the best birthday favor ideas to make your birthday even more special. You must keep in mind the aspects of cost, functionality and durability in mind while choosing from the different options. It is a good way to short-list the selected items and arrive at a decision.

Party Favors Ideas for an Exciting Party

Be it balloons, funny party hats, confetti, party favors add a distinct charm to any party. You can reflect on economical favors, without breaking your child’s piggy bank, when you plan to host a party for children. Party favors are considered incomplete if they are not entertaining. However, the overall cost tends to rise when you have a long list of invitees. So, you must be vigilant while selecting your party favors.

Preparing ahead of schedule will help you find the fun favors. You can arrange the party favors during seasonal discounts and sales. Preparing a comprehensive guests list will help you plan your budget.

You can visit a party favors store online and look for the options. You can look at the ornaments, cute toys, pre-teen cosmetics or trinkets at affordable prices. This is a good way to ensure, you do not create a hole in your pocket.

It is better to look for party favors that accentuate well with theme of the party. Well, you will have to use your creativity and imagination to come out with innovative ideas, which are feasible at the same time. You can look for carnival supply corporations in bulk that make wonderful party favors.

Party Favors Ideas for an Exciting Party

Unique and customized favors are popular and in high demand as well. Some of the popular options include bags, stickers, favor containers and tailored ribbons. Classic mini gumball machine favors are popular and perennial favors that are popular options as well.

You can look online for whimsical candy favors that come filled with colorful gumballs and can be extracted with simple twist of a tiny knob. You can customize the gumballs with colorful ribbons and bows. You can write names of your guests on the gumballs to make them feel special.

You can plan to customize cookies and candies as well. These popular party favors add to the elegance of whichever type of celebration you plan. The mouthwatering candies can be decorated with graceful and handwork details, which adds a special touch to any celebration. Guests can be given cookies or candies with pictures, initials, or names emblazoned on them. You can wrap them in translucent bags and tie them with colorful ribbons to make them look attractive.

Kids in the party will be super excited to get such sweet treats. Lollipops, cupcakes in their favorite animated characters will make a perfect party favor for kids.

Now that you have understood the significance of fun treat or party favors in children’s parties, make sure to look through the different available options online and choose the ones that suit your requirements the best. A nice treat is definitely the best ways to thank your guests for turning up in your kid’s birthday party.

Innovative party favors are a good way to add a different charm and elegance to the party you host. So, look at the different options online and plan ahead of time for a memorable party.

How to Decorate Greek Paddles

Making a paddle is fun and exciting part of Greek culture and tradition. While it is not difficult to carve the paddle from a piece of wood, the real challenge lies in decorating a Greek paddle.

How to Decorate Greek PaddlesHere are a few ideas that will help you make a great looking Greek paddle.

Get to Know the Person

The paddle should represent you, the person receiving it and the loving relationship you share. Hence it is necessary to know more about the person you plan to gift the paddle to. Think about things that person is involved in. You can try to find out some inside jokes about them or their hobbies. Any information that stands out can be used as a decoration idea for the paddle. For example, if the recipient is a baseball player or likes the game; you can stick a wooden baseball symbol on the paddle.

Gather Your Ideas

Make a list of phrases, words, hobbies, likes, dislikes and anything that you can think about the person. Once you have the list ready, try to find which idea stands out and will make the person happy. Some of the decorating accessories available for Greek Paddles are English and Greek letters, Greek phrases and sayings, Greek wooden crests, Greek mascots and designs and a few other things.  Once you have selected a decoration theme for the paddle, you can buy any of the decorating accessories mentioned above that goes with the theme.

Painting Your Paddle

Select a good color theme for your paddle. It is always nice to paint it with lighter colors so the stickers, logos, names pasted on it stand out. It is necessary that you have the decorating items in hand before you start with the painting and sticking. You can either paint the paddle with single are multiple colors. If you are artistic, then you can also trace a pattern first and then cover it in different colors.


The decoration part mainly includes customization of the paddle. You can start by adding the Greek letters, names and decorative ornaments on the front. Use paint pens for outlining large letters. You can add a little pledge and the family name on the paddle as well. If you are gifting it to your sibling or a parent, make sure the family name goes on the top. The little one’s name should always be the biggest and presented at the bottom.

Get a Picture Frame Decoration

There is a phrase – A picture speaks a thousand words. This holds true while decorating Greek paddles as well. Buy peel-n-stick picture frame decoration and stick it on the paddle. Paste a nice picture of yours and the recipient that will kindle old memories. You can find peel-n-stick decoration frame in different shapes and sizes. If the Greek paddle is for your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can use a heart shaped picture frame decoration.

Things Not to Do While Decorating the Greek Paddle

•  Don’t start decorating randomly. Select a theme to decorate. You can search on the internet for a theme.

•  Never use blurry images or images with red eye. Always use high resolution small pictures on the paddle.

•  Don’t clutter your paddle with too many embellishments. Always go for a simple and clean design with few embellishments. When you cram stuff, your paddle starts taking that busy look and it detracts from the message that you are trying to give.

•  Don’t drown your paddle with glitter. Glitter looks good and small amounts go a long way. If you are fond of glitter, you can use glitter paint.

•  If you are accentuating the paddle with a bow. Never use stiff gift wrapping leftovers. Use a top quality ribbon like grosgrain, organza or satin ribbons.

The above given tips will help you make a great looking Greek paddle ( Remember the paddle is one of the special items that the recipient will keep forever. So make it with love and make it beautiful.

Do you have any decorating ideas to share or questions? Please feel free to leave comments.

Classy and Elegant Bridal Shower Favors Ideas

Beauty and simplicity radiates from a woman getting married. This comes together with elegance and class. The bride and groom share this elegance and simplicity the night before their wedding. There are plenty of options when it comes to the bridal shower favors. Favors that represent the bride can be a classy memento for the family and friends.

When it comes to looking for some exciting bridal shower favors, personalized candles wrapped with ribbons and name of the bride and groom inscribed on them can be a good option. If you want it something simple, you can go for the personalized silver key chains that have name of the bride and groom inscribed on them. You can look for personalized cordial candle shot glass in crystalline colors, vase shape candle in calla lily design, small silver wedding photo frame, photo purse valet made of silver, silver beaded chest jewelry box for the invitees, compact mirror, which is a must in every girl’s handbag. Some of the bridal shower favors are not only classy, but also has a functional aspect attached to them.

Classy and Elegant Bridal Shower Favors Ideas

Bridal shower favors can be used to help your guests nourish the wonderful moments they had spent with you. Every time they look at the bridal showers, they are reminded of the blast they had at the very special day of your life. You can look for the classy and simple bridal shower favors online and choose from the wide ranges of options. Choosing favors that match the theme of your party will add a special touch to the entire event. Look into the budget of the different available options, so that you are not fraught with any sorts of constraints because of your unplanned move. A thoughtfully planned bridal shower is surely going to make the entire evening a memorable one in your life.

You can get some practical and interesting idea from a friend who got married recently. She can help you with the detailed aspects, nicks and knacks of arranging the favors. Friends will love to share their ideas with you, and this will also make them feel important. The quality token ideas will be a greater inspiration for you. You can browse through the blogs and websites as well to know about the available options. Wedding is a huge affair and you are likely to miss the small essentials. To ensure this does not happen, you can browse through the websites offering personalized favors to make the whole affair easier for you.

Once you are done with all the arrangements, you need to plan about the way you should display the favors. You can place the bridal shower favors on a table in front of the entrance, so that the guests can collect them while leaving. This will relieve you from the task of handling the bridal shower favors to each of the invitees. Make sure you have arranged for some extras, so that you can save yourself from the humiliation of falling short of gifts just in case a few more guests arrive at your party.

Wedding Favors that can Make or Break the Ceremony

Arranging a wedding ceremony can be a grand affair and you are likely to forget about details that can make or break the event. Wedding favors are such details that most of the people tend to forget. Wedding favors are a great way to show your gratitude towards those who gathered to grace the special occasion in your life. Giving wedding favors have been a tradition since long. You are likely to get confused by the huge list of wedding favors that are currently available in the market. So make it a point to be clear about your priorities so that you can shortlist the probable options from the endless list.

Wedding Favors that can Make or Break the Ceremony

You need to take into consideration personality and preference of both of you while giving out wedding favors. Since it is a gift given out by both of you, both of your preferences must be taken into account.

The next thing that you both need to decide is, whether you will be making the wedding favors yourself, or you will order them online. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for simple favors and add your personal touch to make the guests feel special. Since the list of wedding invitees is generally very high, it isn’t a practical idea to make all the favors yourself. So, below are some possible options that you can look for:

You can look for decorative candles and wrap them with some beautiful ribbons. The wedding motif and ribbon should have the same color. Scented candles can be another marvelous option on the eve of your wedding ceremony. The candle can be wrapped in tulle and tied with a photo of yours and your spouse.

Candies can be ideal souvenirs. You can fill mugs with mints and candies and gift to those who have graced the occasion.

You can never go wrong with your wedding photo. Place a photo of you and your spouse in a frame. It can also be a group photo, which will remind everyone of the special moments they had spent with you.
Bird or dove miniature ornaments make a great gifts option. Take into consideration the time of the year and if it is Christmas, for instance go with the Christmas ornaments.

Miniature wine goblets can be wrapped in tulle or pebbles can be placed inside them. Ribbons tied around them will make it a perfect wedding favor.

Bracelets, chocolate bars, potpourri, cookie jars, seashells, chopsticks can be some interesting ideas when you are falling short of ideas. You need not spend huge amounts on them and go for the cheaper variants. Your plan shall depend on your budget. So make sure to plan ahead of time.

Now when it comes to the wedding date of yours, arrange the favors on a table before the arrival of your guests. Place them on the entrance, so that they can pick them up while leaving. This will save you from the trouble of distributing it to each and every one.

Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Another year has gone by and, once again, you find yourself looking for the perfect way to show her just how much she means to you.  An anniversary gift just isn’t enough.  You need a gift that is perfect in every way—one that truly shows her how much you love her.  These types of gifts can be hard to come by, and not every gift you see will be perfect for your someone special; however, here are a few wedding anniversary gifts for wife ideas that can get you started.

Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your WifeTen wonderful wedding anniversary gifts for your wife

1)  A day at the spa

Nothing says “I love you” by taking her somewhere she can relax completely and rediscover her inner (and outer) luxuriousness.  To make this even more special, plan a couples retreat.  She’ll love the extra time she gets to spend with you, you’ll both love the extra romance, and, as a plus, you can both luxuriate with spa treatments and couples massages.

2)  Make it public

But not in the kinky way.  Make an announcement about your wedding anniversary in the newspaper alongside your wedding photo, or on the radio.  You can request her favorite song—or your wedding song—to be played along with it for the extra effect.

3)  Jewelry

Jewelry you know she’ll love truly says it all, but it can also be a little cliché.  To make it truly stand out, try hiding it somewhere.  Lead her to it with love notes, or tuck it into a gift basket with chocolates and surround it with copies of all the little love notes you’ve ever sent her (or make up new ones).

4)  Her favorite book

Is she into novels, literature, poetry, graphic novels, or comic books?  Try finding her the perfect book for your wedding anniversary.  Find a classic love story, or hunt down a rare edition of one of her favorites.  To top it off, surprise her by running her a bath, complete with rose petals and candles, so she can have the most luxurious of moments with her book.  If she’s into poetry, find a nearby poetry reading to take her to.  If you’re feeling brave and creative, you could even arrange to read a poem to her at the reading.

5)  Bring out the cheese

Not actual cheese—although, topping any of these gifts off with wine and cheese probably isn’t a bad idea—bring out the cheesiest of romantic cheese you can think of.  She’ll love it.  Start by writing out the alphabet for her, and for each letter write down a word that has some connection to how you feel about her or things you’ve done with her (location of first date, name of first movie watched together, etc.).  To ramp up the cheese (err…romance), add pictures that connect to these moments.  Make it into a scrapbook (, or put each one into an envelope and arrange them in a basket interspersed with love notes, chocolates, and flowers.  She’s guaranteed to melt when she sees it.

6)  Her favorite anything

Show her you’ve been listening to her by hunting down any of the things she’s told you she loves.  Did she tell you about a new restaurant she’s into?  Take her there.  Does she love the donuts from that little shop down the street?  Buy her an assortment of her favorites.  Does she always glance at a certain necklace or bracelet in the local jewelry shop window when you go past?  Surprise her by getting it for her.  Anything you can do to surprise her with how much you’ve been paying attention to her is a very good start.

7)  Recreate your first date

Where did you take her on your first date?  Show her you remember that moment, and prove to her how much it meant to you, by recreating it.  This could be very fun depending on how long ago that first date was—and it might take a bit of planning to make it pan out just perfectly.

8)  Couples photos

Take her to all of the favorite places you go together—make a day of it—and make it even more special by arranging to have a photographer take couples photos of you in these spaces.

9)  Frame a quote that says it all

Does she have a favorite book or poem that has a romantic quote she adores?  Does she have a favorite romantic scene in a novel or comic book?  Find or make a print of it for her and get it framed.

10)  You

Of all the expensive and creative gifts you can find for her, the best wedding anniversary gift you can give her is you.  Spend some extra time making her feel as special as she is to you on your special day.

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